3 Ways Your Home’s Location can Affect Your Homeowner’s Insurance Rates

Having home insurance is an essential part of home ownership. But did you know that where you live can affect how much you are paying for your insurance? Below are three location related items that can affect your homeowners insurance rates.

1. Fire Department Proximity

If you are close to the fire station, you’re going to pay less for home insurance. Homes that are close to the active fire departments will usually not cost as much to insure. This is also true for the houses that are close to fire hydrants.

Suburban and urban homes will usually get better fire protection ratings than the urban areas. Having your fire department close to your home is going to help with keeping the house safe if there is a fire.

2. Proximity to Natural Disasters

If you live in an area that has a lot of natural disasters like earthquakes or flooding you are going to have a higher rate. Homes that are closer to the coastline or coast generally will be more expensive when it comes to insuring them when compared with inland homes. Homeowners who are living close to the coast might have another deductible for things like hurricanes or another an insurance policy for windstorms. But even though you are living close to any kind of water can affect your rates due to the flooding risk.

Flood damage isn’t covered by the usual home insurance policy. It’s often a good idea to take another policy for food insurance despite the fact that you may not be at high risk when it comes to flooding.

3. Crime Rate in the Area

If you’re living in an area that has a high crime rate, you are going to pay more for your home insurance. Things like arson, burglaries and robberies can drive up the rates for your insurance. You can help with keeping your rates lower by having an alarm system put in your home.

When you are comparing your homeowner’s insurance rates with friends and family, if yours are higher or lower with all other variables being equal, it could be because of the home’s location.


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