4 Types of Insurance Motorcyclists in Florida Need to Have

Do you drive a motorcycle in Florida? Or maybe you are thinking of getting a motorcycle in Florida. Either way, there are some things that you should know about driving a motorcycle in Florida. Below are four types of insurance that you should know about and have as a motorcyclist in Florida.

1. PIP Coverage

This is something you might not know, but the PIP is the no-fault automobile insurance in Florida that pays you 80% of any medical expenses as well as 60% of the wages you lost when you’re in an auto accident, regardless of whose fault the accident was. This insurance coverage is needed when you have a vehicle that has at least four wheels. But you’re not covered if you’re in an accident with a motorcycle.

There are companies that offer special insurance for motorcycle riders that are similar to this coverage. But it’s not state regulated since Florida law doesn’t require it. PIP coverage for motorcycles is governed by those terms that are in your insurance contract, so you should read the policy carefully so that you completely understand it. Talk with your insurance agent and go over it line by line so you’re clear on what is covered.

2. Coverage for Property Damage

This coverage will protect you if cause damage to another person’s property while you’re riding your motorcycle and driving it negligently, such as if you hit another person and you were found at fault. It only covers property, so that if someone else was injured it won’t cover this. That is covered by the bodily injury coverage.

3. Bodily Injury Liability Coverage

If you’re injured when you’re in an accident with a motorcycle, the person who is at fault should have the coverage to take care of your lost wages, pain and suffering and medical bills. But sometimes someone doesn’t have the amount of coverage that is needed to cover everything. If they don’t have enough insurance or they don’t even carry the liability for this situation, then you’ll need coverage for an uninsured motorist.

4. Uninsured Motorist coverage

For a person who has a motorcycle in Florida, having this type of coverage is essential. This will protect you when the party who is at fault doesn’t have the coverage that’s needed for your damages. Since most of the accidents with motorcycles will often lead to devastating injuries, a lot of the minimal polities won’t cover all of the damages to a rider. So that is how uninsured motorist coverage will help you.

More than 50% of the drivers in Florida only have the legal coverage that is needed, if they even have insurance. You should make sure that you are covered in case you’re in an accident with your motorcycle so that you don’t have to worry. Otherwise you could find that you are severely injured and no way to pay your bills.


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