7 Benefits of Using an Independent Insurance Agent

When you are looking for insurance, whether it’s for your home, business, auto or other, there are a lot of options. You might think searching online for your own quotes is a good idea. But have you thought about hiring an independent insurance agent? Below are seven advantages of using independent insurance agents.

1. They will give you choices

Independent agents don’t just represent one insurance company – they represent a lot of companies that provide a lot of price points and coverage options. The majority of agents sell for anywhere from 5 to 8 different companies. It’s not necessary to accept one of the quotes from a company and you don’t have to fill out a lot of different applications online for comparisons of quotes. With the agents having lots of knowledge and connections, agents are able to find better values for your money when compared with the prices that you will find yourself. The agents are going to do the shopping and you will save the money. They will help you the best blend of coverage, service and price.

2. They are licensed experts

An independent agent is able to explain insurance in terms that are simple to understand and help you with making smart and informed decisions. The agent’s made a career of assessing the needs of their customers and matching them up with prices that are affordable. Just think for a minute. Even though you’re able to research the wording for a will online, chances are that you are going to have a lawyer do it so that you’re sure that it’s done right. That’s why it’s a good idea to have someone who is an expert to make sure that your business, home or auto is protected properly.

3. They are personal advisors

An agent doesn’t just find competitive pricing for you, they also ensure that you’re covered adequately. They work with you one on one and they take time and listen to what you say so that they can find insurance that will fit your needs. An agent understands that it isn’t just their job to find an affordable price but they also know that you want the coverage that is necessary to protect you.

4. They are an advocate for you

If you have a concern about your bill or a claim, or you want to change the coverage that you have, the agent can act as an advocate for you and work with that insurance company for you.

5. They’re close

When you choose an independent agent, they are going to likely be a lot closer. They are going to share the interest that you have in your community. They also understand the challenges and benefits of where you live. They are many times really involved within the community, sponsoring kids’ sports teams, purchasing from the local businesses and other things.

6. They can offer shopping for all insurance needs

An independent agent often can meet all of the needs you have for insurance through the companies that they are representing. This means that they can likely offer home, business, renter’s, and auto insurance. A lot of them also offer health and life insurance too.

7. They are consultants for life

An independent agent reviews your coverage periodically. They’re there for helping you through the changes that you are going through in life, whether you are moving from an apartment and buying a house, you’re getting married, starting your own business, or other things, they can help you with what you need.

If you are in need of a good insurance quote, think about using an independent insurance agent. They give you a lot of advantages that you aren’t going to find elsewhere and can often save you a lot of money.


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