A Guide to Hurricane Insurance in Florida

When you live in Florida, one thing that you know is that you have a good chance of being in a bad storm. You might have questions about your insurance as you’re surveying your property damage. It’s a good idea to locate all of the insurance policies that apply, document all of the damaged belongings and property with video footage or pictures so that you’re able to report your claim quickly. Below are some of the guidelines of insurance that can give you some help when you are documenting your damage and that can help you when you’re contacting your insurance company.

Hurricane Deductible

After you’ve found the insurance policy and you’re done documenting your damaged belongings and property with video footage and/or pictures, it’s a good idea to get in contact with the insurance agent or company quickly so that you can report that damage. Even if you don’t think that the damage is a lot, and it’s probably less than your deductible, calling the company so that you can discuss your damage is a good idea.

Debris and Tree Removal

Most of the policies will cover tree and debris removal if the tree that is down damaged property, no matter who the tree belongs to. But there are some limits that the company is going to pay for tree and debris removal. This is often $500. Usually there isn’t any coverage to have debris or tree removal if the tree has fallen and there is no covered property damaged. Some of the policies will cover removal of trees and debris if the tree that is down is blocking the property’s main entrance. Because the policies are going to vary from insurer to insurer, it’s important to look at your policy to figure out if you’re covered.

Service Poles That are Downed

Some of the insurance policies considered a fallen service pole that is on your personal property to be covered under your homeowner’s policy. But it’s essential to review your policy’s language, contact the company or get in touch with your agent to clarify whether it’s covered.

Food Spoilage

A lot of policies aren’t going to cover food that has spoiled. But if it is coved, a lot of times it will only be covered if your power is out because of damage happening on the property. This means, if a tree fell and caused a power outage, the tree must have fallen on your home’s property to be covered.


Flood insurance is offered by a federal program known as NFIP. This can be purchased through insurance agents that sell casualty and private property insurance. These kinds of policies have certain provisions when it comes to coverage. It’s important to contact your agent so that they can answer your questions regarding your coverage for property damage due to flooding.


Your contract for your insurance will require that you’re making temporary repairs so that further property damage is prevented. Before you make any type of permanent repairs, get in contact with your insurance company or agent to talk about your repair process as well as take pictures of your damage so that your claim can be documented.

If you have damage to your property or home from tree or water damage, and someone has contacted you and said they can remove any downed limbs or repair your damage, check them out before hiring them. You want to make sure they’re insured and licensed. You can check them online to make sure they have the proper license and credentials. You also want to make sure that you’re getting estimates and references. It’s also important that you aren’t paying them in full before the work is done and that you’re fully reading your contracts. This can help you save a lot of heartbreak and trouble.


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