Do You Really Need Golf Cart Liability Insurance?

So, do you need to insure your golf cart in Punta Gorda? It may not be your primary mode of transportation, but your golf cart sure can take you places: on the green, around your neighborhood, across your property and, in some cases, even around town on city streets in Punta Gorda.

Well, some states require golf cart insurance. In the State of Florida, the Personal Injury Protection Insurance law, also known as “No-Fault Insurance”, requires that owners of motor vehicles registered in Florida* purchase Personal Injury Protection (PIP) which includes property damage liability coverage. So, check your state’s laws to help determine if it’s required where you live.

Even if you’re not legally bound to buy insurance for your golf cart, it may make sense for you to do so. And, it can offer peace of mind: Golf carts can get stolen or damaged, and because they can weigh upwards of 1,000 pounds, they can also cause serious damage or injuries in an accident.

Limited Coverage on Homeowners, Auto Policies

So, what kind of insurance coverage is available? Some people mistakenly assume that their existing insurance will absorb the risks associated with a golf cart. But, the reality is that you may not be able to rely on your homeowners insurance or your car insurance policy for protection.

Check with your agent to be sure, but most standard homeowners policies provide little coverage for golf carts — especially once you leave the borders of your property. Likewise, a standard car insurance policy typically will not offer protection for your golf cart.

Depending on who your insurance carrier is, you may be able to add on an endorsement to your existing homeowners or car insurance policy to better cover your golf cart. Or, you may choose to buy a policy specifically for your golf cart. Whitco Insurance offers policies that are designed for golf carts, covering you just about anywhere your cart takes you — or even off-season while it’s in storage.

Coverages Typically Available for Golf Carts

Here are some basic coverage types you might find in one of these policies. (Hint: They’re similar to the types of coverages you may already be familiar with on your car insurance):

  • Property Damage Liability Coverage: This type of coverage offers protection if you cause an accident that damages another person’s property — a car or house, for instance. It can help you pay for repair to the property.
  • Bodily Injury Liability: This can help protect you if you cause an accident that hurts another person. It can help you pay for the other person’s medical bills and other related expenses.
  • Collision Coverage: This type of coverage helps you pay for repairs to your own golf cart if you collide with another cart or some other object in an accident, regardless of fault.
  • Comprehensive Coverage: This can help protect your golf cart from fire, theft and other damages caused by something other than a collision — hail, for instance.

There are other bells and whistles you may be able add to an insurance policy, too. For instance, some insurers offer coverage for custom parts like headlights or a stereo.

So, whether you plan to take on the sand traps and water hazards or just head out for a leisurely cruise, you can rest easy knowing there’s available golf cart coverage that’s right for you.

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